My role at Sweat is to manage all social platforms including: creating both organic and paid marketing strategies (with guidelines set by the company's CEO), creating all content (copywriting, graphics and photography), outsourcing video needs, staying up to date with current social trends and customer service/engagement. Sweat's marketing model all about organic growth using user generated content, engaging with the community and appealing to the local communities via post content.

Instagram has the highest engagement and reach, making it the focus of most of Sweat's organic marketing. Sweat's posts focus mainly staying approachable and trying to get the community to engage using methods such as: giveaways, voting and asking for answers in comments. Instagram stories are focused around reposting of UGC as well as last minute schedule changes and club closures.

Facebook and Twitter are used as more informative platforms such as fitness tips and facts about the clubs. Posts usually include a call to action and links back to their website.


Sweat mainly uses Facebook/Instagram ads for their paid social media advertising. They run up to two Facebook ads per month that run on all available platforms. Bidding is set to pay per click with a specific 12 mile location radius around all of the clubs. One ad always includes a video with information about the current marketing campaign. The goal of this ad is to get membership sign ups. The other ad that runs at all times is also a video, but its copy is about starting a free trial that takes the target audience to a contact form to collect new leads. Singular boosted posts are occasionally utilized as an extra boost towards the end of a promotion.