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Working with Jpjr_fit, my role has been to help create content and consult on social media strategy. Jpjr_fit, a local fitness social media influencer, uses his account to educate and entertain the public on all things health and fitness.


Some of Jpjr_fit's main social strategies include: posting consistency (volume and imagery), user engagement, and reel creation. An extremely successful creation was a comedic reel pointing out common faults in a simple lifting movement which gained over 103k views. Since then we have made similar reels totaling over 80k views. Due to this success, Jpjr_fit has been a monetized participant of Instagram's reel incentive program with profit potential of up to $800 monthly on top of other brand ambassador programs income.

Instagram is used as the main platform but all reels are also posted to TikTok. Future social media strategy includes more presence on Tiktok, more viral reel content and a sellable training program.

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