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March Madness - Sweat Fitness

This marketing campaign for Sweat Fitness includes designs for their sale which includes joining for only $9.99. The photo for this ad was taken by Jonathan Pushnik in a photoshoot I directed for Sweat. I also edited this photo and others from the shoot that I use to create new marketing images. This ad was used for front desk print ads, website banners, social media cover photos, Facebook ads,  email blasts, A-fram signs and more. It was one of the more successful sales and was run again through the summer.

Many more similar designs were created for Sweat Fitness and more examples can be provided upon request.


    Photo Before and After

    Print Ad

    Social Media Branding

    Website Banners

    A-frame Display

    Lawn Sign Display

Visit Sweat's Website and Social Media to view other work I have created for Sweat.



As the Marketing and Social Media Director for Sweat I have to create and place all marketing assets across their website, email campaigns, social media pages and more. This ad was adjusted across all of them with this example from their website.

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