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Award winning photography, art direction, graphic and web design, content creation. I graduation with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic and Interactive design. From there I worked my way through a few jobs and became the Director of Marketing and Social Media for Sweat Fitness, a local athletic club with locations throughout the Philadelphia region. Where  my responsibilities include designing digital and print assets for marketing campaigns, website and app maintenance, photography, content creation and management of multiple social media accounts, coordinating online advertisements, event marketing, and much more.


Photography had always been a love of mine and it was quickly becoming my favorite part about my job at Sweat, so I decided I to make it more of my focus.

I started with portraits - boudoir, family portraits, engagements, and weddings. As I gained more clients my work expanded to product, lifestyle, and events. November 2022 I made photography my full time job.


I’ve now worked with brands such as Fleo, Podium, and Shutterbombs. I’ve also shot at the Crossfit Games and Wodapalooza for notable brands and athletes. Captured countless weddings and proposals. Made lots of women (and men) feel sexy and much more.

Photos have the power to capture a moment in time, show you how beautiful you really are, and provoke emotion. I’m lucky enough that I’ve made something that powerful my career, and I can’t wait to see what we can create together.

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