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ErinMurphyDesigns is the social media presence of my freelance design and photography business. I used social media to gain more local exposure, display my work, and gain new clients. The social media strategies for my accounts are different than most, as my goal is not to go viral (which of course would still be a positive) but to gain quality followers and engagement that books clients.


Though my strategy is different, it still requires similar tools such as posting consistency, use of reels, giveaways, hashtags, and post timing. It is important to keep up with popular reel styles and trends like showing an extensive amount of behind the scenes work. Most posts are carousels to display my work with an included video to rank higher in Instagram's algorithm. In addition to video posts, I strongly utilize Instagram stories in order to connect with my audience and boost feed posts when needed.


Erin Murphy Photography & Designs Facebook page and Tiktok are new and a work in progress. My goal in the future is to make more use of these pages and play to their strengths as platforms.

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